2017 Results

The results of the latest EOT survey were presented at the EOA Annual Conference (27th-28th November 2017). A snapshot of EOT take-up for 2017 was produced, based on information shared by businesses on their transition to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT). The survey results help to provide crucial evidence to government and policy makers that the EOT model is working.

Administered by RM2, in partnership with the EOA and John Lewis Partnership, the evergreen EOT Survey was introduced in 2015 to measure the take-up of EOTs, which offer capital gains tax relief for those selling the company as well as the option to give an income tax-free bonus to employees.

The distribution of EOT companies across trade sectors is not dissimilar to the pattern found in the wider economy; however there are proportionally more EOT companies in production (a.k.a manufacturing) than in the UK economy. Of the 126 businesses identified in 2017 as having transitioned to an EOT, 61% had turnovers from £1million - £10million and 56% had less than 25 employees.

The main reasons for adopting the EOT model (as provided by the 51 survey respondents) were succession planning (35%), employee engagement (23%) and to retain their independence as a company (20%). The vast majority of EOTs (91%) acquired a majority shareholding, with 29% of survey respondent EOTs acquiring a 100% shareholding.

Most new EOTs (98%) acquired their shares from existing shareholders, founders and directors of the company with 64% telling us they acquired the shares at fair market value, 16% at a discount, 7% as a gift and 11% through a combination of methods.

If you’ve already got an EOT in place or are currently making the transition, then please come back and take part in the survey, the results of which will be used to help shape the future of the employee ownership sector.

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