2019 Results

Administered by RM2, in partnership with the EOA and sponsored by the John Lewis Partnership, the EOT Survey was introduced in 2015 to measure the take-up of EOTs.  The survey helps to provide crucial evidence to government and policy makers on the take-up of EOTs, the type of businesses adopting them and whether the EOT model is working as the policy makers intended.

The results of the latest EOT Survey were updated in time for the annual EOA conference in November 2019.

A snapshopt of the EOT take-up was produced, based on information shares by businesses on their transition to an Employee Ownership Trust (EOT).  This showed that the EOT sector is growing at 40% per annum and now represents three quarters of all employee owned companies and half of all employees in the employee-owned sector.

The distribution of EOT companies across trad sectors is not dissimilar to the pattern found in the wider economy, however there are proportionally more EOT companies in manufacturing and professional services sectors.

EOT's have been particulary popular in companies with between 50 and 250 employees, through penetration in that size bracked is still only 2 in 1,1000 companies nationally, showing how much more potenatial growth exists for EOTs.

If you've already got an EOT in place or are currenlty making the transition, then please come back and take part in the survye, the results of which will be used to shape the future of the employee ownership sector.

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